TOPMEN APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, COSMETICS AND PERFUMES is duly registered founded and established on April 1, 2013 with Certificate of Registration No. 6574-16 and another dynamic business expansion from TOPMEN TAILORING located in Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a start-up business specializing in wholesale and retail best various brands of fashion, footwares, bags, accessories, leather goods, cosmetics and perfumes, and other types of products can be found from the global market.

                TOPMEN TAILORING specializes in stitching of thobes, sarwal, vest, polo, shirts, importation, exportation and sales of fabrics/textiles from Europe and Asia with regular reputable Class A & B clients such as sheiks, businessmen, and professionals. It serves with best quality of materials and finest workmanship that makes unique in the market.


                The TOPMEN TAILORING was founded by Mr. RASHED ABDULLA RASHED ALDHAEN on July 5, 2001 as his passion leads him into, today he has two store branches maintaining prestige and elegance of his own personal choice of products with captivating taste to the market.

                Mr. RASHED ABDULLA RASHED ALDHAEN joined British Bank and today known as HSBC from 1952 to 1988 and he retired after 36 years of reputable service as Commercial Manager. In 1976, he ventured his first business, the Al Hambra Hotel and then he established also the Middle East best restaurant ever known as Copper Chimney both located in Bahrain. As his business expertise, he continuously  open another field of pot of gold the Aldhaen Contracting and Trading (ACT) W.L.L. importer/exporter of auto parts and industrial maintenance fabrication services and he serves now as the Chairman and as the major stockholder, and other companies he owns are BRAAS, W.L.L., BRAAS Workshop, W.L.L., Arabeque Carpentry, W.L.L., and N.A. Trading importer/supplier of electrical materials.  He was very athletic, a football player of the national team, and he also played tennis and volleyball.  He loves relaxing by cruising and fishing with his yacht as his brothers business is Aldhaen Craft who specializes in designing and building world-class boats/yachts.  

                TOPMEN APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, COSMETICS AND PERFUMES wants to make a remarkable start in the market to be the pioneer in introducing and educating the advance technology and scientific techniques in beauty care industry.  The Company intends  to launch new imported brands of cosmetics and perfumes with best quality  in Bahrain since this country is the most visited friendly open-country at GCC.

                The Company operates through its core strength of knowing and providing the needs of its mid size to large scale markets. We are keen in ensuring that our suppliers and retailers will flourish in their core of business by partnering with us and to provide the markets the best products that suit their needs. 

                Operated and managed by Business Partners of highly-skilled and niche-trained professionals, all of which have solid credentials and extensive experience in taking charge of various stages of business development and critical areas of business operations. Our Staffs consist of qualified and talented team who are backed by extensive training and experience in handling the identified needs of our customers.